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Command example

Advanced Moderation System

Keep your server safe and clean thanks to Alpaca Bot's high-quality, customizable moderation system!
Punish members who don't follow your rules.

By setting a channel for Alpaca Bot's moderation log, ensure that records of your penalties are kept in that channel.

With Alpaca Bot's punishments history command, you can view the punishments your members have received in the past. With the custom status scan command, you can detect your members with inappropriate statuses.

Give your members temporary roles with Alpaca Bot's temprole command. When the time comes, Alpaca Bot will automatically remove the role you have given.

Game example

Fun Game Systems

Members on your server will not be able to understand how time passes thanks to Alpaca Bot's game systems.

With the game setup commands, you can set the games according to your wishes and ensure that your members have a more enjoyable time on your server.

Hangman, Truth or Dare, Tic-Tac-Toe, Duel, Number Guessing, Word Derivation, BOM and many more games are one step away from your Discord server. Add Alpaca Bot to your server now and double the fun!

Example of welcome systems

Welcome Your Members in the Best Way

Welcome the members who join your server in the best way thanks to Alpaca Bot's automatic systems.

Greet your members with picture messages and say goodbye to them in the best way when they leave your server.

Assign roles to members who join your server with Alpaca Bot's automatic role system.

Instantly edit the names of the members who join your server with Alpaca Bot's automatic name system.